Since the late 1990's, Mr. Cunningham has attached himself to numerous films, some of which have been finished and some of which have not.

The first of these features was on the novel Neuromancer by science fiction author William Gibson. Misters Cunningham and Gibson worked on a script, but Gibson confirmed that it didn't work out, in 2004.

Chris was also attached to A Scanner Darkly, but that film eventually wound up being directed by Richard Linklater.

After not completing a film for comic book series RanXerox, Chris told Time Out UK, "All I ever do is talk about films and then not make them. As a result I thought: just shut up about it - make a film then talk about it when it's done. But it's got to be something that I'm absolutely frothing about. After three or four years tinkering with other people's material I came to the conclusion that I just had to develop my own material from scratch."

In 2015, Aphex Twin revealed to Groove Magazine that Chris had finished and won't release a zombie film. Chris has also apparently finished a documentary for Warpaint called Love is to Die. Here is that trailer.